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Another glowing review :D


I just saw the play of it today! In a tiny theatre with a stage about as big as my kitchen (seriously). The scene changes and minimalist scenery was really well-done, and all the main characters were played well (and some of the side ones too, including the vendor at the floating market who sold “nothing whole, nothing undamaged…totalle useless crap you’ll never need! You know you want it!”

And I can’t get Islington out of my head.

So has anyone seen Neverwhere?

Life does not have to make sense: Neverwhere Meets the Stage

What a great review. Does anyone else have any reviews they would like to share of the shows so far?


Considering that Neil Gaiman has long been one of my favourite authors, that my copy of Neverwhere is so well read now that I’ll be lucky if it doesn’t fall apart next time, I think it’s needless to say that I was hesitant when my girlfriend presented me with tickets to see it on stage.

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